" Finally - a search engine that finds exactly what I want and nothing else"

Innovation Strength

“ConeTeq Technology”

Applies semantic search, or a natural language process (NLP), with “logic”, “reason”, and “knowledge” analysis to understand the contextual meaning of written text in a search query and entrant information. This process which has been named Robologic enables the extraction and abstraction of search information with a precision and exactitude that is unmatched by any other search engine.

The structure of the algorithm can be applied to all search categories. ConeTeq has initially chosen furniture as a search arena because it is a significant showcase market. The huge variability and specificity of furniture offers a maximum number of parameters and variables, making it well suited to demonstrate the full power of ConeTeq’s remarkable technology.

Strength of Robologic over others.

ConeTeq will rapidly capture the online search market because of its functional advantages

  • Direct link to product page
  • “Accuracy” of the results to search queries.
  • Accepts queries that are in natural language to expand the sector of online searchers.
  • Collecting, organizing and cataloging “products” robotically from the URL of merchant websites into Robologic Database without any input from merchants.
  • Customizing priorities of a query according to the user’s convenience
  • No optimization needed
  • In depth specificity for the user’s query
  • All result pages satisfy the query
  • When satisfying a query all merchants on the Web are equidistant.
  • Convenient.
  • Can also provide organized information related to Ancillary services such as (cancellation, return, refund, warranty, free shipping)

How it works

Basic Robologic Processes

Matching users query to accurate results from ConeTeq Result DataBase

In Setup TimeIn Runtime
Step 1. Download collected Web Addresses of a category (now Furniture)Step 1. Download User query (now Furniture)
Step 2. Automatic filtration to select “Product Pages” (URLs) from other web pages (URLs)Step 2. Parcel the “units” of the query according to Robologic protocols
Step 3. Parcel the “Product Pages” (URLs) according to Robologic protocols and identify the “segments” Step 3. Populate those “info units” in Robologic organized Query Database structure
Step 4. Filter those “segments” and collect them as “info” related to the “product” Step 6. Matching process of step 5 in Set Up Time to step 3 in Query Runtime
Step 5. Populate those “info units” in Robologic organized Result Database structure

Result display criteria

This is the criteria to display the results:

  • The main type the user is searching for
  • Essential features related to the type.
  • Price, size and dimension requested.
  • Other attributes according to their importance with the respective type.
  • Soon an interactive ranking feature will be available for users


The Company

ConeTeq LLC, a Delaware limited liability company was founded in 2005 to develop and market a high level of accuracy, high-specificity, and highly-interactive search engine technology that was first conceived by the company’s founder Inventor Patrick Delefevre in 1995.

Delefevre submitted the first ConeTeq patent in 1999, and granted in 2002 (US 6,393,417 B1-“Method for Providing a Rapid Internet Search”. NOBS 101 In mid-2000 when accuracy of results increased considerably from the early stages of search in internet. Then upon this reality, Mr. Delefevre chose what Gardner Group had advised strongly to Google at his early days to change their fuzzy algorithm into “understanding the contextual meaning of the text (AI)”, In 2006, Mr. Delefevre took the challenge and followed Gardner’s advice, and developed a complete algorithm and submitted a patent in 2012 “Method and system for understanding text” named “Robologic”.The US patent was granted in 2017.

Thus, AI being a technology that will remake the world.

Currently there are about 900,000,000 shares distributed among 50 friends and acquaintances in varying proportions.

Intellectual Property

In 1999 the first patent (US 6,393,417 B1) “Method for Providing a Rapid Internet Search” was submitted and in 2003 the patent was granted. Subsequent patents were filed in 2003 and 2004 As the project progressed from 2006 to 2012 ConeTeq prepared and submitted a new patent (US 2014/0067376 A1) entitled “Method and System for Understanding Text” related to search engine for understanding contextual meaning of text robotically and obtained the patent in 2017 under the number US 9734262 B2.

The Team


Patrick Delefevre

Founder Inventor President.

Engineering Architecture 1971, American University of Beirut


Amr Sinan

Partner and associate.

Senior software engineer


Wissam Rachid

Partner and associate MBA in Finance & Marketing.

Master’s in architecture.


Mohieddine Itani


BS Computer Science


Youssef Yamout


BS Computer Science


Omar Abi Ghannam


Software Management


Nancy Serajdine


English Management


Lara Hussein

Partner English Specialist

English Specialist

ConeTeq Officers and Associates


President: Patrick Delefevre
Treasurer: Mark Barrett
Secretary: Patrick Delefevre


Law firm affiliated with ConeTeq:
Smolak & Vaughan LLP
Mark W. Barrett, Esq.
East Mill 21 High Street, Suite 301 North Andover, MA 01845
T: 978-327-5570

The Late Robert Tendler, Patent Attorney & Associates
Todd Sullivan
4640 E Skyline Dr. Tucson, AZ 85718
Phone: (520) 882-7623
Fax: (520) 882-764


Marketing Strategist

Tom Holzel
T: 617-293-1958


The Certified Public Accountant

Sandra Y. Caterine, CPA, MST
800 South Street Suite 250 Waltham, MA 02453
T : 781-453-8700


The goal of the required funding is to cover and develop the following tasks:

  • Interaction (ability to prioritize user query and interact with the results without entering a new query e.g sorting shapes, color, finish etc...)
  • Cover additional categories (apparel, electronics, appliances, household, etc...)
  • Continue upgrading the accuracy of results
  • Additional tools, spell checkers, availability, price updating etc...
  • Ancillary services of a product (cancellation, return, refund, etc...)
  • Prepare for e-commerce
  • Prepare and submit the patent for Robologic 2.
  • Location preference

Robologic 1 (RI) - (Fees upon usage & licensing)

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Click-through revenue

Affiliate Disclosure: When you click links on the result page on robologic.io and buy products, we may receive a small affiliate commission to help fund our company.  You will not pay more by buying when you click our links.

Robologic 2 (RI) - (Fees upon usage & licensing)

  • Understanding in depth abstract subject text.
  • Using full grammar application.
  • Populating and marketing sectorial databases (legal, medical...)

Example: Extract of a text or a book:

"David had two sons, Ben and Jim ... ... ... the story goes ... ... ... Ben was found guilty ... ... ..."

Question: "What was the ruling on Jim's brother?"

OR "What was the outcome of the jury's decision"

OR "What was the result of the trial?"

OR "... ... ...?"

Answer: "Ben was found guilty."

Neutral sales consultant - (Fees upon usage)

  • Unbiased expert opinion about the product

Voice recognition - (Licensing)

  • Understanding the voice conversation
  • We will be able to eliminate and filter other interference

Market statistical analysis - (Fees upon usage)

  • Grading from general to specific
  • Get an actual marketing survey or the merits of the product

Exit strategies

After obtaining the first patent we will decide to follow two exit strategies in parallel:

    1. Raise funds to continue development of the patent until we reach Robologic 1 for proof of concept and increase the value of the company & earn revenue.

    2. We'll accept offers from different institutions and entities to take over the management in covering e-commerce categories, ancillary services of the product and advance to Robologic 2.


Coneteq has launched its search Robologic engine online to both public and consumers, demonstrating its vast superiority to all others. We take this unique opportunity to invite serious partners to join us (the team) for further expanding this technology and commercialize this product - "a new generation search engine" strongly based on artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore we are seeking financial participation to fulfill our goals and become a leading player on the field.


Patrick Delefevre

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